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发布时间:2023-05-23 00:38:06
本文摘要:Googles rich, reliable Maps app is back on the iPhone, and that means iPhone users can stop relying on the flawed, fledgling Apple maps app that replaced it as a built-in feature in September。

Googles rich, reliable Maps app is back on the iPhone, and that means iPhone users can stop relying on the flawed, fledgling Apple maps app that replaced it as a built-in feature in September。谷歌(Google)详细且可信的地图应用程序重返iPhone,这意味著iPhone用户可以仍然依赖尚能不成熟期、漏洞百出的苹果(Apple)地图。

今年9月,苹果将其自有地图应用于作为一项内置功能更换丢弃了原先的谷歌地图。Apples version is still bolted into the phone, and the new, free Google app must be downloaded from Apples app store. Google says the app was downloaded 10 million times in just its first two days of availability last week。

Google 更好的信息:在谷歌地图上输出一个地名后,再行页面屏幕上的信息栏,你就能提供还包括营业时间和街景照片在内的各种信息。苹果的地图依然内置在iPhone 中,而新的免费谷歌地图必需通过苹果的应用程序商店iTunes。谷歌说道,该应用于意味着在其上线的头两天就被iTunes了1,000万次。

The reappearance of Google Maps on the iPhone closes a big advantage Googles own Android phones had gained when Apples replacement turned out to lack some key features, such as labeling of buildings and businesses, street-view photos and public-transit routing. It also offered too much inaccurate location data。谷歌地图重返iPhone使得配备谷歌安卓(Android)系统的手机丧失了其自苹果地图作为替代应用于上线以来夺得的众多优势。苹果地图缺乏一些关键功能,诸如建筑物和商家的标签,街景照片以及公交线路。

它还获取了过于多不精确的方位数据。However, the biggest news here is that the new iPhone version of Google Maps isnt just better than Apple Maps. For now, at least, Google Maps is better in most respects on the iPhone than it is on Android phones. It has been redesigned with a cleaner, simpler user interface that makes it easier to use. Google officials say they took the sudden need to build a new iPhone version as an opportunity to rethink the popular app from the ground up。然而,仅次于的新闻是新的iPhone版谷歌地图某种程度比苹果地图好,最少目前来看,iPhone版谷歌地图在大多方面都要比安卓版谷歌地图强劲。

它在经过新的设计后享有更加清新、更加简练的用户界面,这使得它更为易懂。谷歌高层说道,面临突如其来的开发新iPhone版地图的市场需求,他们借此机会新的调整了这款倍受青睐的应用程序。Ive been testing the new Google Maps on iPhone for a week or so in the San Francisco and Washington metro areas, and I really like it. It isnt perfect, but I prefer it to any other iPhone Maps app Ive used, and to Google Maps on Android. The latter will likely also gain the new design in time, but for now, it looks inelegant by comparison。


Why would Google bail out iPhone users and give its rivals phone a better version of its Maps app than its own Android customers enjoy, even temporarily? Because, while Apple makes its money from hardware, Google is a services and advertising company, and wants its products to be heavily used on a popular platform like Apples。为什么谷歌要来救出iPhone用户,并且给与其竞争对手的手机一款比其自己的安卓系统用户所能品尝到的更佳的地图应用于,即便只是继续的?因为,苹果凭借硬件赚钱,而谷歌是一家服务和广告公司,期望其产品需要在像苹果产品这样的热门平台上被普遍用于。

The Android version still has a few features the new iPhone version lacks: maps of the interiors of stores, malls and airports; bicycling directions; the ability to view map segments offline; and special offers that show up for some businesses. Google says it left these out for now because they arent heavily used and the company wanted a new Apple version pronto. It says these may be added over time。安卓版本依然有一些新的iPhone版没的功能:商店、购物中心和机场的内部地图;自行车行经线路;地图片段的离线查阅功能;商家尤其优惠信息的表明。谷歌说道它目前仍未在iPhone版中重新加入这些功能是因为它们被拿来并不是很多,并且公司期望尽早打造出一款新的苹果版本。

谷歌说道这些功能可能会在以后被重新加入。More important are the Android apps traits Google abandoned in the new iPhone version: too many menus and steps to get things done, confusing icons, and a concept called Layers that was techie talk for things like switching from map view to satellite view。Google 纪录地名:页面屏幕上的一个按钮,就不会关上一个你最近留存和共享过的方位列表。

更加最重要的是谷歌在新的iPhone版本中舍弃了安卓版本的一些特性:多样的菜单和繁复的操作步骤、更容易误解的图标以及被称作“层”(Layers)的东西。“层”是在谈及诸如从地图视图切换到卫星视图这样的操作者时所牵涉到的一个技术性很强的概念。Instead, the new iPhone version of Google Maps emphasizes two things: uncluttering the map itself, and swiping vertically and horizontally to move quickly among places, map views and information. In my tests, I found this design refreshingly easy to use. It even enhances the voice-prompted, automatic turn-by-turn navigation whose absence on the original iPhone version of Google Maps was the key thing that prompted Apple to get into the maps business。



When you first open the new Google Maps, all you see is a map with a search bar across the top and two small icons at the bottom. In the lower left is a button that brings up your current location, and in the lower right is a tiny icon that lets you switch to satellite view, to see public transit and traffic information, or to launch the separate Google Earth app. You can also get to these latter choices by swiping left with two fingers。当你首次关上新的谷歌地图时,你所能看见的全部内容就是一张地图和跨越顶部的一个搜寻栏以及底部的两个小图标。左下角的是表明你目前方位的按钮,右下角那个大于的图标点进后,你可以转换到卫星视图,查阅公交线路以及路况信息,或者启动独立国家的谷歌地球(Google Earth)应用程序。你还可以通过用两个手指在屏幕上向左滑动来查阅上述选项。

The top search bar includes two buttons on the right -- one to start a navigation, and one to bring up a list of places youve recently saved and shared. These are automatically synced with places youve saved and shared via Google Maps on other devices, such as PCs and Macs, or Android phones。顶部的搜寻栏还包括坐落于其右部的两个按钮──一个借以开始导航系统,另一个不会关上一个你最近留存和共享过的方位的列表。你在PC电脑、苹果电脑和安卓手机等设备上用于谷歌地图时留存或共享过的方位记录将与此处的信息自动实时。

In addition to this clear, clean, main view, Google Maps for iPhone simplifies other functions. If you enter the name or address of a place, a small bar appears at the bottom of the map with summary information, like the estimated travel time or, with restaurants, a summary of reviews。除了这个清了、清新的主视图外,iPhone版谷歌地图修改了其他一些功能。

如果你输出一个地点的名称或者地址,地图底部不会经常出现一个小的概要信息栏,表明例如预计行程时间等信息,或者,如果是餐馆,不会表明结尾的评价。If you tap on this bar, you get an info sheet with a wealth of information and functions, including the photographic street view of the location, interior photos, reviews, hours, menus, and the ability to phone the place or share its location. If your search is for a category, like cigars, swiping horizontally will bring up alternate info sheets for other locations。Google 导航系统协助:当你开始朝目的地前进的时候,地图顶部不会经常出现一个大大的绿色导航条,表明导航系统步骤中下一步的行经方向。


You can start the navigation process by tapping on a colored icon showing travel time, either in the initial small bar at the bottom of the map, or on the info sheet。无论是在最初的地图底部信息栏还是在信息页上,你都可以通过页面一个彩色的表明预计行程时间的图标来开始导航系统步骤。Once you choose to get directions, a list of routes pops up, with estimated time and traffic. You can switch routes by simply swiping on the bar。

一旦你自由选择提供路线,一个线路列表就不会弹出来,并标明了预计耗时以及路况。你只要在信息栏上水平滑动就可以转换线路。Once a navigation is under way, the map is topped by a large green bar showing the current step in the directions. You can peek ahead by just swiping this bar to the left. You also can quickly call up a text list of the route。


In my tests, location and navigation were generally accurate. A couple of flubs: A location pin was a few hundred yards off, and Google put me on a freeway when local streets would have been faster. But overall it worked well. It guided me on two routes between Silicon Valley and a bowling alley in San Franciscos Presidio area, where I had once been lost. It provided accurate directions for Washingtons subway。在我的测试中,方位和导航系统信息总的来说很精确。


它还精确地得出了华盛顿地铁的路线信息。Apple is already improving its competing app, but for now, iPhone users, my recommendation is to go with Google Maps。苹果正在改良它的地图应用于,但就目前来看,我还是引荐iPhone用户用于谷歌地图。